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April 2017

Provoletta occhiata


Provoletta Occhiata is characterised by spread holes and a sweet taste, it is a “pasta filata” cheese with medium ripening period obtained from the coagulation of cow milk taken from the farms of the South-East area of Bari with the addition of selected ferments. Raw milk, serum grain, salt, rennet Back to Seasoned [...]

Provoletta occhiata2020-03-04T18:56:46+01:00



It is a cheese with “pasta filata” typical of Apulian region. It has a maturation period of more than 3 months and it has a pale yellow colour with an elastic, soft and compact paste. Raw milk, serum grain, salt, rennet Back to Seasoned & Refined


Ricotta forte


The Ricotta forte is a soft and spreadable cheese typical of the Apulia region. It is made by cow milk , and it has to ripen until a complete acidification. It has a pasty texture and it is spreadable. It has a spicy taste, particularly strong and intense but pleasant. Its taste is [...]

Ricotta forte2019-03-25T20:14:41+01:00



The butter is a pale yellow dairy product with a delicate taste and particularly indicate for the cakes and sweets. It is delicious if eaten alone but especially if it is used as garnish in cooking, such as vegetables oils. Cream of milk whey Torna ai formaggi [...]


Fresh cheese


The Fresh cheese is characterised from its parallelepiped shape and has a delicate and fresh taste. It has to be eaten very fresh to feel all its organoleptic properties. Milk, salt, rennet Torna ai formaggi

Fresh cheese2020-03-04T19:16:32+01:00

Rocket salad’s trulletto


Trulletto is a fresh cheese characterised from its cylinder shape with the addition of rocket salad. It has a delicate and fresh taste and have to be eaten very fresh to feel all its organoleptic properties. Raw milk, salt, rocket salad(2%), rennet Back to cheeses

Rocket salad’s trulletto2020-03-04T19:15:53+01:00

White trulletto


White Trulletto is a fresh cheese characterised form its cylinder shape. It has a fresh and delicate taste and it has to be eaten very fresh to feel all organoleptic properties. Raw milk, salt, rennet Back to cheeses

White trulletto2020-03-04T19:15:35+01:00

Crema di rugiada


Fresh and creamy cheese obtained from the outcrop, without the addition of rennet, only from raw milk coming from the farms in the Barese Murgian hills. A very delicious product for your palate. Raw milk, salt Back to cheeses

Crema di rugiada2022-05-23T17:18:34+02:00

Rocket’s salad giunco


Giuncata is a cheese that takes its shape and name from the wicker  band used from the ancient time to produce cheeses. It is a dairy product typical of Puglia that thanks to its delicate and soft taste is considered a culinary delights. Rocket salad is added to  give the product a stronger [...]

Rocket’s salad giunco2020-03-04T19:20:10+01:00
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