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June 2021



Burrata It is a fresh cheese obtained by cows’milk, with an external surface of “PASTA FILATA” that contains inside frayed by hand pieces of “pasta filata” and milk cream. Our Burrata is characterised by three details: in the closure part there isn’t any hand, the external “pasta Filata” is hand made to [...]


March 2021

Smoked stracciatella


Smoked Stracciatella Who knows Burrata has also to know the Stracciatella. The Stracciatella is in fact the soft and creamy heart of the Burrata. It is a dairy product with “pasta filata” a delicate mix of fresh cream and hand frayed Mozzarella. It has white-milk colour, skinless with a fibrous structure. The [...]

Smoked stracciatella2022-11-09T12:26:57+01:00

November 2020

Occhio di Puglia Reserve


Occhio di Puglia Reserve Characterized by spread holes and a sweet taste, Occhio di Puglia is a medium aging spun-pasted cheese obtained from the coagulation of the south-east area of Bari with the use of selected lactic ferments. It is very good to enrich and complement meals, ideal to match with cold [...]

Occhio di Puglia Reserve2021-03-18T18:58:04+01:00

July 2020

Bruschetta with octopus and smoked burrata


INGREDIENTS (for each bruschetta) A slice of Altamura bread 2-3 tentacles of fresh octopus Smoked burrata Artigiana garlic extra virgin olive oil Amaze your guests with an appetizer that simply combines the Apulian flavors, from the sea to the land. Boil the curled octopus in lightly salted water with a little vinegar. When [...]

Bruschetta with octopus and smoked burrata2020-10-01T12:20:33+02:00
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