April 2017



It is a fresh, creamy, spreadable cheese. Its delicate taste increase the freshness of the cow milk. It can be tasted alone or with other ingredients for delicious recipes. Raw milk, cream, salt, lactic ferments, rennet Back to cheeses


Great pecorino pugliese


Gran Pecorino Pugliese is a coming back to the shepherd traditions form Puglia and the authentic tasting. It is produced only using sheep milk and it is characterised from the typical “canestrata” crust. It is seasoned no less than 6 months inside a fresh and humid environment of natural rock, like it happened [...]

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Pecorino pugliese


Semi-seasoned cheese obtained by the sheep milk. Sheeps are breeds from the Murgian hills. It is characterised by an intense taste and aroma, Pecorino Pugliese is perfect as table cheese, a fundamental ingredient in the typical Apulian gastronomy. Sheep milk, lactic ferments, salt, rennet Back to cheeses [...]

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Fresh sweet and creamy cheese obtained from our Apulian cow milk and lactic starters that give the softy which characterises it. Very good table cheese and delicious in oven dishes. Raw milk, selected ferments, salt, rennet, additives on the crust: E235, E160b Back to cheeses

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