April 2017

Smoked scamorza


Smoked Scamorza is a “pasta filata” cheese with a strong taste obtained by the smoking process with the beech wood. This gives the amber colour outside gives a very pleasant flavour. Raw milk, salt, acidity regulator E330, rennet. Smoked with beech wood. Back to dairy products

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Smoked treccia in water


Smoked treccia in water has a particular braid shape and it is a “pasta filata” cheese with a strong taste obtained from a smoked procedure made with the beech trees wood. Raw milk, salt, acidity corrector E330, rennet. Smoked with beech food. Back to dairy products

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Treccia is a product that better represents the typical dairy Apulian tradition. Entirely handmade, Treccia takes its name from the shape of a whip made by an elastic and fibrous paste. Its delicate  and slightly acidic taste exalts all the milk organoleptic characteristics. Raw milk, salt, acidity regulator E330, rennet Back to dairy [...]


Golosità pugliese


Golosità pugliese is a particular product of Caseificio Artigiana. It is a gastronomic product consisting in small knot handmade mozzarella with a delicate and fresh taste matched with green olives. Tipical Apulian aperitif. Mozzarella 93% (raw milk, salt, acidity regulator E330, rennet), olives 5%, salt 2% Back to dairy products [...]

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Yellow scamorza


Yellow Scamorza is a dry “pasta filata” cheese with the  pear shape with the head. The paste is compact and elastic. The taste is slightly sapid with delicate and pleasant milky flavour. Raw milk, serum graft, salt, rennet Back to dairy products

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March 2017

Fresh ricotta


Ricotta is being revaluate during last years for its important nutritional characteristics. It is a creamy dairy product put in typical plastic “fuscelle”. It is characterised by a soft structure with a delicate and sweet taste that emphasizes all the cows’ milk properties. It is a versatile product used in different recipes both [...]

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