April 2017

Capra di Puglia


From the good milk of our goats that graze in the countryside  of Putignano (Autochthonous Garganic and Ionic breeds) in the south of Bari, we produce  Capra di Puglia  a smooth pasta cheese seasoned in the cave of our farm.  Tradition and quality certification system allow to obtain a soft, delicious, delicate cheese [...]

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Goat’s fresh ricotta


To enrich our selection of goats’ dairy products, there is the  Goat Milk Ricotta obtained .  In your mouth you will feel a delicate, soft, creamy, sapid taste. This delicious dairy product, is characterised by a caloric content very restricted in comparison with the conventional cheese, it is an ideal ingredient for a [...]

Goat’s fresh ricotta2017-04-26T14:26:55+02:00



Bianco Fiocco is made with the goat milk. Goats are grown up in the pasture of our farm, between drywalls olive trees and “Trulli” that characterise the Apulian countryside of the south area of Bari. Fresh cheese obtained by goats’ milk with and lactic starters, Bianco Fiocco conquers every palate, thanks to its [...]

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