June 2020

Occhio di Puglia


Occhio di Puglia Characterized by spread holes and a sweet taste, Occhio di Puglia is a medium aging spun-pasted cheese obtained from the coagulation of the south-east area of Bari with the use of selected lactic ferments. It is very good to enrich and complement meals, ideal to match with cold cuts. [...]

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January 2020

Caciocavallo Silano PDO


Caciocavallo Silano PDO Made according to the requirements stated by the production rules of the related Consortium for the protection, Caciocavallo Silano PDO is a real return to the old methods and tastes of Apulian tradition. Made from raw milk according to our philosophy of controlled shot chain, each block of caciocavallo [...]

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April 2017



It is one of our niche products. Capasone is a cheese obtained through the coagulation of raw bovine milk coming from the local farms. Its peculiarity consist in the period of maturation of around 9 months in our cellars with natural rock walls. It has a dry fruit toasted taste with some flower [...]


Caciocavallo refined in black grape marc


It has a fruity and vinous aroma  matched with the typical flavour of Caciocavallo.  It is worked entirely by hand and it is made by bovine milk coming from the best farm of the territory. It stays underground to be seasoned for some months in the large barrel  under the grapes skin after [...]

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Caciocavallo stravecchio


Each Caciocavallo is an unique piece completely handmade and produced only with bovine milk in the best farms of our territory. It is a niche product thanks to its long seasoning period of 1 year in an aerated and dry cave. After this slow phase, all tasting and smell of Apulia will be [...]

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Caciocavallo refined in cave


Each Caciocavallo is an unique piece completely handmade and produced only with bovine milk from our best farms. Its intense taste is the result of a refine process that happens entirely in a stone cave. Here the cheese breathe the humidity and it is stay covered by noble mould for some months. Raw [...]

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Smoked caciocavallo


Smoked Caciocavallo is a ripen cheese with its typical pear shape. Its particularity consist in its extravagant taste matched with the taste of milk. Raw milk, serum grain, salt, rennet, smoked with beech wood Back to Seasoned & Refined

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Caciocavallo with chili pepper


The Caciocavallo with chili pepper is the ideal for who loves intense and strong flavours. It is a cheese with seasoned “pasta filata”, it has an aftertaste of toasted and you can feel the spicy of chili pepper. Raw milk, serum grain, chili (2%), salt, rennet Back to Seasoned & Refined [...]

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“Small head” caciocavallo


It is the most fresh between our matured cheese. It is very appreciated from who likes sweet taste but also strong and characteristic flavour. Each Caciocavallo is an unique piece, handmade product coming from bovine milk collected in the best farm of our territory. Raw milk, serum grain, salt, rennet Back to Seasoned & [...]

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Caciocavallo occhiato


Caciocavallo Occhiato It is characterised by spread holes and a sweet taste, Caciocavallo Occhiato is a “pasta filata” cheese with medium ripening period obtained by the coagulation of bovine  milk taken from the  farms of the South-East area of Bari with the addition of selected ferments [...]

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