July 2020

Bruschetta with octopus and smoked burrata


INGREDIENTS (for each bruschetta) A slice of Altamura bread 2-3 tentacles of fresh octopus Smoked burrata Artigiana garlic extra virgin olive oil Amaze your guests with an appetizer that simply combines the Apulian flavors, from the sea to the land. Boil the curled octopus in lightly salted water with a little vinegar. When [...]

Bruschetta with octopus and smoked burrata2020-10-01T12:20:33+02:00

April 2017

Bittersweet calzone with onions, ricotta forte, olives and dried grapes


 INGREDIENTS 2Kg white onions 1 kg 00 flour 300g of pitted brine olives 4 tomatoes 1 stick of dried grape 20g fresh Ricotta Forte Artigiana A pinch of salt A pinch of sugar Extra virgin olive oil Preparation For the stuffing: cleaning up well the onions, cut them and wash with running water. [...]

Bittersweet calzone with onions, ricotta forte, olives and dried grapes2020-10-01T12:41:03+02:00

Ricotta Pie


INGREDIENTS: For shortbread 350g flour 150g butter 150g sugar 3 egg yolks 1 Pinch of salt For the stuffing 600g Fresh Ricotta Artigiana 200g dark chocolate 50g of candied lemon peel Just enough sugar 1 scrambled egg to coat You prepare the fountain flour, adding the cold butter, the sugar and the eggs. [...]

Ricotta Pie2017-04-24T16:48:36+02:00

“Brasciole” ragout with “pecorino” cheese


INGREDIENTS (for 4 people): 8 slices of meat of horse (or calf) Gran Pecorino Pugliese (grated cheese) Parsley Salt Pepper Tomato sauce Red wine Extra virgin olive oil Garlic You stretch the slices of meat and beat them. You sprinkle with salt and you add to the center some minced parsley, bits of [...]

“Brasciole” ragout with “pecorino” cheese2017-04-26T10:46:02+02:00
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