Our smoked Burrata is entirely produced by hand. It is a fresh cheese obtained from cows’ milk, with an external surface of “pasta filata” that contains inside some slices of “pasta filata and cream. With “Pasta filata” normally used for cows’ milk mozzarella it is possible to make small envelope containing  pieces of the same paste frayed by hand and cream. The smoking  procedure is made by using the wood of beech trees.

Pasteurized milk, salt, acidity regulator E330, rennet

Nutritional Facts – Amount per 100 g product

Calories Total fat Total Carbohydrate Proteins Sodium
281 Kcal / 1162 KJ 25,2 g, saturated fat 13,2g 1,7 g, sugars 1,7 g 11,8 g 0,5 g